I have recently worked in a new medium for me and have created a body of work in Impasto Acrylic. I apply the paint

with pallete knife and various size syringes purchased from art supply stores. The paint is mixed with various heavy body mediums, and applied to

achieve an almost three dimensional effect. While the paint is applied thickly it is no more than and eighth of an inch to a quarter inch thick on the canvas

but the effect is a three dimensional illusion which cannot be captured in digital images or prints due to the necessity for binocular vision to fully

appreciate. Therefore, no reproductions of these paintings are available – only the original paintings.  My work with this approach continues and

I am excited to present new canvases in the future, as I grow in my mastery of the technique.






Panoramic Fields,  18” by 24”  SOLD



Farms in Autumn  18”by 24”  SOLD



Charlotte Valley Road 16” by 20”  SOLD



Barn and Maplelow Tree  9” by 12”  sold




Farm on Hill  24” by 48”  sold


Oaks in Autumn 9” by 12”  SOLD



Shell Station in Summer  14” by 20”  SOLD



Back of Alley 30:” by 40”  SOLD



Woods in autumn 9” by 12”  $300.00



Country Lane in Autumn  16” by 20” sold



Cornfield in Autumn 12”by 24”  $650.00





Patchwork Fields 16” by 20”  $650.00




Autumn Road with Barn 16” by 20” sold