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Alley with open Door  48 by 67                 $15000.00

Artist Statement



In my watercolors, I strive for a painterly yet realistic rendition of my subjects, hoping to make use of the transparent beauty of watercolors as they are applied to the surface of paper using the flow of water.  Reserving the white of the paper to represent the lightest values of the subject requires careful planning. I spend much time manipulating the shapes and light and dark values in small pre studies, until I feel I have achieved a most expressive composition.  Then, after making a careful outline drawing of all of the elements of the picture on fine watercolor paper, I apply paint, with respect for how the pigments, carried by water,  work together with each other and the suface of the paper.




I have studied the work of many paintings and artist teachers, having painted watercolors since I was in high school. I first became inspired by my grandfather, watercolor artist Leslie Austin Hartley, who was born and raised in England where he learned to paint watercolor landscapes there while he was at a boys boarding school. Although my formal training was in music at the University of Michigan, I decided to make my avocation of painting a profession and I began attending art festivals nationwide with my watercolors. To acquire further knowledge, I attended workshops by Sondra Freckleton, Nita Engle and Tom Lynch as well as studying the books of John Pike, Daniel Chard, Ted Kautsky, Edgar Whitney and David Friend, to name a few, and the paintings of Robert Cottingham, Neill Welliver, Fairfield Porter and Charles Sheeler.  Growing up in the Catskills of New York, and now in the Ann Arbor Michigan area, I developed an eye for our unique American landscape and seek to capture the rich, colorful, impressive, complex and intriguing views of the common subjects all around us.


Selected National


Art Festivals


Cherry Creek Art Fair, Denver,Co, First Place Painting 1998


Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original, Artist demonstrator in Watercolor for twenty years, Award of Excellence and

Originality, 2010.


The Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City, MO


The St. Louis Art Fair, St. Louis, MO


Walt Disney World Festival of the Masters, Florida, 1st Place in Watercolor Category, 2006, 2012, 2013


Winter Park Sidewalk Art Fair, Winter Park, Florida, 2nd Place Award, Watercolor


Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, Reston, VA, 1st Place Award in Fine Arts Category 2007


Coconut Grove Fine Art Festival, Miami, Florida


Old Town Art Festival, Chicago


Port Clinton Art Festival, Chicago, 1st Place Award. Watercolor Category


Great Gulfcoast Art Festival, Pensacola, Florida, 2nd Place in Painting Category, 2002, 2007, Award of Honor, 2008, Judges Award, 2009, Merit Award, 2010, First Place Award of Distinction, 2011, Award of distinction, 2017, 2018, 2019


Mainsail Arts Festival, St. Petersburg, Florida, Award of Excellence 2007, Best of Show, 2011, Award of Distinction, 2012, Award of Excellence 2013,

Award of Excellence, 2014,  2nd place Silver Award, 2015 Award of excellence, 2016, 2017, 2018 Best of Show 2022


Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Fine Art Fair, 2nd Place over all, 2006, First Place/Best of Show, 2010, First Place/Best of Show, 2011, Award of Excellence, 2012, First Place/Best of Show, 2013


Tall Grass Art Fair, Chicago, 1st Place, Painting


Brighton Art Festival, Brighton, Mich., 2nd Place overall 2006, 1st place, 2007, 2008


Suttons Bay Art Fair, Suttons Bay, Mich., Best in Show, 2007 best of show 2022


Northville, Mich, Art in the Sun, Best of Show, 2008


Naples Art Festival, Naples, Fla, Award of Excellence, 2008


Gasparilla Sidewalk Art Festival, Tampa, Florida, 2009


Mt. Dora Fine Arts Festival, Florida, 1st Place Award in Watercolor Category, 2010


Des Moines Art Festival, Best in Painting award, 2010


Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Fair on the Square, Madison Wisconsin, Invitational Award, 2010


Lakeview East Festival of Art, Chicago, Best in Show, 2010, first place, 2018


Fountain Square Arts Festival, Evanston, Ill, First Place in Painting, 2011, First Place, Painting, 2018


Uptown Art Fair, Minneapolis, Best of Show in Painting, 2012, 2013, first place painting, 2014 and Best of Show, 2014

Art Fair on the Square, Belleville, Illinois, First Place, Painting, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Best in Show, 2016, First Place, Painting, 2017, 2018, 2021


Autumn Harvest at Deer Park, Illinois, Best of Show, 2013


Art Rapids, Elk Rapids, Michigan, Best of Show 2014


Carmel International Arts Festival, Carmel Indiana, First Place 2013, Best of Show 2014. 2015. 2016, First Place Watercolor, 2019


Art n Apples Art Fair, Rochester, Mi., Award of Excellence, 2014


Round the Fountain Art Fair, Lafayette, Indiana, Third Place, 2015, best of Show, 2017


Lakeshore Art Festival, Muskegan, Michigan, Second Place , 2015, best of show 2022


Grand Haven art in the Park, Best of Show, 2017


Grand Haven Art Festival, First Place, Painting, 2019


Petoskey Art in the Park, Second Place, 2019, best of show 2021






National Competitions


American Watercolor Society Annual, Salmagundi Club, NYC, 2009, 2011


Watercolor USA Annual, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO, 2009, Winner, Greg Theilen Memorial Prize, 2010


Georgia Watercolor Society Annual, 2009, 2010


Showcase of American Art, Taos, New Mexico


Texas Watercolor Society Annual, traveling exhibit


Michigan Watercolor Society Annual


Midwest Watercolor Society Annual


Illinois Watercolor Society Annual, 2010


Transparent Watercolor Society Annual, 2011






American Artist Magazine


The Artists Magazine


Splash Five, North Light Books


Splash 11, North Light Books


Splash 12, North Light Books


Best of America Books, Volume II : Watermedia


The Artistic Touch, North Light Books


Cover Art for the Ann Arbor Observer





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Studio phone


734 355 2992

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